Hear here!

Delhi Listening Group works in the context of a very fast changing urban environment in which the city plan is profoundly disconnected from the lived city. We propose listening as an alternative to the map and the plan as way of producing knowledge of the everyday city and exploring shifting sonic mores that are reconfiguring the borders between sound and noise. Listening is the work we do to re-earmagine the city and to generate dialogue between diverse ways of listening.

What you will find here includes a bit about us and our practices and an introduction to a few of our projects from the past couple of years. We work across a mixture of languages, whilst we will be working hard to translate as much as possible, you will always find a mixture of hindustani and english here.
We can be emailed via the contact form on this website, follow our blog, or sign up for our occasional newsletter below. If you have an ear for the city we would love to hear from you!