Listeners at work is a playful and serious reflection on the work of listening in which we announce the work we are doing in a way that invites others to join us and turn a fresh ear to a familiar sonic space. We also explore the ways in which different kinds of everyday work involve specialised listening skills.

A play on ’riksha’, the well known three wheeled cycle transport found all over India, and ’shor’, the Hindi word for ’noise’. Rikshor is a mobile structure for intervening in existing networks to invite locality based listening. Rikshor is a demountable sonic platform that can be deployed on any local standard cycle rik and moved easily on public transport to other localities.

You may have seen our recent ad in Hans or Caravan magazines... Everyone listens a little differently, so we have launched this listening talent search... 

Khoj, New Delhi, Feb 2011: Listening Tour of Khirkhee and surrounds; followed by an open discussion of questions about the city and sound including topics such as: listening, sound, noise control, bio-acoustics, sound in public space, shared listening, sonic art and acoustic ecology