About Us

Delhi Listening Group works in the context of a very fast changing urban environment in which the city plan is profoundly disconnected from the lived city. We propose listening as an alternative to the map and the plan as way of producing knowledge of the everyday city and exploring shifting sonic mores that are reconfiguring the borders between sound and noise. Listening is the work we do to re-earmagine the city and to generate dialogue between diverse ways of listening.

"We are interested in creating situations and spaces which invite people to listen to things they may usually take for granted, not notice, ignore, dismiss or refuse to engage with."  -- interview in Soundbox magazine

Delhi Listening Group is an initiative of Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education & Phonebox Productions. Our work brings together socially engaged listening practices developed through participatory educational practice by Ankur over many years with listening based sonic arts practices to propose a creative and critical social acoustic ecology of the everyday in Delhi.

Some of our names are: Jaanu, Jyoti, Kiran Verma, Kulvinder Kour, Lakhmi, Love Anand, Manoj, Prabhat, Rakesh, Saifuddin, Sophea, Suneeta, Tripan Malyal, Vicky Kohli, Yashoda