Land is not a Home: 10 years of Sawda Ghevra

Delhi Listening Group invite you to Land is not a Home: 10 years of Sawda Ghevra
The exhibition will be open 12-6pm with a listening tour of Sawda Ghevra at 2pm followed by tea and refreshements.

Built brick by brick from an empty piece of land over the last 10 years, Sawda Ghevra is a thriving resettlement made by residents displaced from different parts of the city after their previous homes were reduced to rubble in New Delhi's pre Commonwealth Games 'demolition drive'. From improvised tents, to bamboo structures, to brick huts and eventually finished houses; Sawda Ghevra's inhabitants have, over the course of a decade, re-built livelihoods and made homes on their tiny allocations of land.
Delhi Listening Group, with the support of Ankur, are commemorating 10 years at Sawda by reflecting on the journey so far through sounds and other objects that have travelled with the people of Sawda, as well as the sounds and places left behind.
In the preceeding week Delhi Listening Group’s ‘Listeners at Work’ will be tracing a route across the city from the Nangla Maachi demolition site out to Sawda Ghevra starting on Monday morning and concluding on Saturday afternoon with the exhibition opening and a listening tour. You are also welcome to join us on Monday morning to walk, listen and talk with us, meeting details below.

Land is not a House: 10 years of Sawda Ghevra
Opening event, this Saturday, April 2nd.
Sawda Ghevra Talkies, D159 Sawda Ghevra Colony
Opening hours on Saturday will be 12-6pm
2pm : A listening tour of Sawda Ghevra
4pm: Tea and refreshements.

Morning Walk & Talk, Monday March 28th
10.15am Meet Sarai Kale Khan 949EXT bus stand.
You may easily spot DLG listeners at work in hiviz vests!
Departure on foot, 10.30 sharp!!
Bring your own water, sunscreen etc and wear sensible shoes.
Monday walking route:
Sarai Kale Khan to Railway Bridge bus stop at Nangla Maachi site.

Getting to Sawda Ghevra
Please be advised that mobile coverage on site, especially data, is very erractic so plan accordingly.
Bus: 949EXT from Sarai Kale Khan goes direct.
Metro: Take the green line to Mundka from where you can find DTC buses or E-ricksha or Gramin Sewa for about 15mins to bring you to Sawda Ghevra Colony (Not all services from the metro go the right way, so check they are going to Sawda Ghevra Colony not Ghevra Gaon or somewhere else)

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